Taycan customers can benefit from a new free update, offered by Porsche to improve its performance and add additional features.

Porsche offers a new update for his Taycan. This includes in particular improvements for piloted suspensions, charging system, PCM system (Porsche Communication Management), performance optimization, as well as new features.

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Porsche Taycan

For example, the chassis control system and the traction control of the wheels have been optimized, allowing the Taycan Turbo S to gain in performance: the 0 to 200 km / h now goes to 9.6 seconds, a gain of 0.2 seconds compared to the initial version. The piloted suspensions have also been improved, with the addition of a “Smartlift” function which automatically raises the attitude of the car in certain cases (when approaching the back of donkeys for example).

Porsche Taycan (2021): a free update

The navigation system is enriched with “Charging Planner” function, which estimates whether the battery will be charged enough to reach your destination, without having to plan a stopover. In this regard, a new function also allows you tooptimize battery life, by charging it more slowly (at 200 kW instead of 270 kW depending on the situation) and by optimizing its temperature during recharging.

Of new connected features are also making their appearance for the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, with the possibility of logging in with Apple ID on the Taycan, and thus accessing the Apple Podcasts and Apple Music applications, while Apple CarPlay is also enriched with the functionality wireless.

To benefit from all these improvements brought by this free update, Porsche Taycan customers are invited to visit the Porsche Center of their choice.

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