This system will help you sort through a myriad of options.

Although it is a pleasure for many, it is not always easy to find yourself in an ocean of options offered by a configurator. To support its future customers, Porsche has therefore developed an artificial intelligence capable of recommending specific options.

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The program, which may learn through connections, chooses a configuration proposal, which it considers ideal for the customer, from among millions of possibilities. Each user thus receives a unique recommendation, and Porsche announces that 90% of these suggestions correspond to customer wishes. A sort of automatic “pre-configuration”, therefore. In practice, the system relies on the few options you’ve already selected (paint, rims, etc.) to recommend packs you might like.

Not yet in France

The system is currently only available in a few markets (Germany, China, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Taiwan), but will soon be extended to other countries. In the meantime, you can already test the automatic recommendations by going to on the American configurator here, then by clicking on the bulb-shaped logo at the bottom of the configurator.

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