The future Porsche hypercar was expected by fans of the brand, but it seems that this project has been put aside by Porsche, to favor the electrification of its range.

At a press conference on the brand’s annual results, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume suggested to reporters in attendance that plans for a replacing the Porsche 918 Spyder was still relevant today, but that it was less of a priority than expanding Porsche’s electric model range.

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A few years ago, rumors already announced the arrival ofa new hypercar from Porsche, competitor of the Aston Martin Valkyrie, and equipped with a hybrid engine resulting from the developments of the brand in Formula 1. This was expected for 2023, but Porsche now seems to want to further develop the electrification of the model before launching its production: it would then be likely that Porsche’s future hypercar would become 100% electric.

“The battery will be the ‘cylinder’ of tomorrow: we therefore still have to develop and invest in high power and high density cells. When we have the right battery for a high powered car then we can launch this model, but I think before 2025 we will not have a hypercar … Later that may be possible. “ Oliver Blume clarified.

The Stuttgart-based automaker recently announced that it was researching a new generation of more efficient batteries, using silicone anodes rather than graphite, and which would improve the density of the latter while reducing the loading time. These batteries will be produced in Europe, and will equip the brand’s high performance models. These are potentially these new batteries that we will find on the future hypercar of Porsche.

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