The year 2020 marked a change in the world of vintage cars: the Citroën 2 CV gave way to the Porsche 911 among the most sought-after models.

According to a study published by Classic Expert, the Porsche 911 is at the top of most wanted classic cars in 2020. It thus takes the place of the Citroën 2 CV, which becomes the second in the ranking of transactions involving models over 30 years old.

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This change comes in a rather gloomy context for the market: in fact, in 2020, the volume of transactions in vintage Porsches fell by 45%, in a sector heavily affected by the health crisis.

Volkswagen is the most popular brand of vintage cars

According to the study, a Porsche 911 traded between 60,000 and 110,000 € in 2020, against 9,000 and 13,000 € on average for a Citroën 2 CV. The mythical German is indeed reserved for wealthy collectors, while the “deudeuche” appeals to all audiences.

In third place, the Ford Mustang (34,000 to 40,000 €) completed the podium, closely followed by the Mercedes SL (28,000 to 74,000 €) in fourth place.

Volkswagen is the most popular brand, with no less than 8% market share for collector vehicles, placing the Beetle in fifth place and the famous Combi in seventh place in the ranking. The Austin Mini (€ 11,000 to € 16,000) is ranked in sixth place, while the BMW 3 Series E30 (€ 8,000 to 12,000) comes in eighth.

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