For more than 100 years, the Peugeot logo has undergone many changes, but the lion is still loyal to the post. Discover the evolution of the Peugeot emblem through its history!

If the family business was founded in 1810, we have to go back to 1858 to find a first lion logo at Peugeot: in fact, before producing cars, Peugeot manufactured tools that bore the lion emblem, synonymous with flexibility, robustness and speed. It was in 1905 that Peugeot cars adopted the lion logo, which stands on an arrow.

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Peugeot: a new logo and a new identity for the lion brand

The logo changed in 1923 and went into relief, to adorn the radiator cap with a model designed by the sculptor Baudichon. In 1933, all Peugeot cars received a lion’s head at the top of their grille, which in 1935 changed with the “Sochaux time zone” line.

Peugeot logo: the lion joins that of Franche-Comté

In 1948, the Peugeot logo took on a whole new form and adopted the lion of Franche-Comté, region of origin of the mark. A lioness’s head then adorns the hood of the Peugeot 203, which also receives a crest inspired by the coat of arms of Franche-Comté. In 1955, a new logo appeared, this time in a shield. For safety reasons, the lion’s heads in relief disappeared from the hoods of the 203 and 403, from September 1958.

In 1960, the 404 inaugurated a new lion with an elaborate mane, surmounted by Peugeot lettering, and placed in the center of the radiator grille. It is this logo that will inspire the 2021 version these days.

In 1968, the lion comes out of his crest and adopts a more refined style: on the 504, it is flat, gold or chrome depending on the version. In 1975 was born the “lion fil”, a new version of the historic lion with more angular features and hollowed out in its center, which will equip many iconic models of the 1980s such as the Peugeot 205 or the 405. It stands upright, with the two paws forward: “the lion sticks out its claws”!

In 1998, the lion takes on shapes and relief, with real work on reflections. This lion will equip the brand’s models from the generation of Peugeot 206, 406 … This logo will evolve in a sober and subtle way in 2010, with a new posture, more dynamic and moving, as well as a treatment of materials that combines matte and gloss. This will equip all the contemporary achievements of the brand, until today.

Finally in 2021, Peugeot is renewing its brand image and adopting a new neo-retro logo. There is a roaring lion’s head with sharp lines, topped with Peugeot lettering, all within a coat of arms inspired by that of the 1960s, but now modernized and revisited in flat design. The first model to sport this new logo will be the future third-generation Peugeot 308, which will be unveiled on March 18, 2021.

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