According to a survey carried out by the YouGov organization, Peugeot has the best brand image in France, far ahead of all German premium manufacturers.

Peugeot’s upmarket strategy is already bearing fruit. After the launch of the e-208 and 508 PSE, then the presentation of its new logo and recently of the new generation of 308, the Lion brand goes up for the second consecutive year on the first place of the podium brands in the automotive sector with the best image among the French public.

In any case, this is what emerges from the survey carried out by the international research institute YouGov. With a score of 30.9, up 0.7 points from the previous year, Peugeot is ahead of all other manufacturers by a good margin.

Mercedes indeed comes in second place, 5 points behind. Followed by Audi and BMW. The main rival, Volkswagen, appears in fifth position, ahead of Citroën. Renault only arrives in eighth position.

Six measurement criteria

YouGov is an international market research company founded in the UK in May 2020 with 21 branches around the world, UK, US, Middle East and Europe.

To carry out this survey, the company evaluated 32 brands in the automotive sector through a panel of 460,000 people. and six criteria: quality, value for money, reputation, customer satisfaction and recommendation.

Obviously, these results should be put into perspective since they were carried out with a panel of French people. The same study does not reveal the same results at all in the other European countries, where in the majority of cases Peugeot does not even appear in the top 10.

It must be said that Peugeot is in the small papers of the French currently. The 3008 dominates its segment and the 208 has managed to outrun the Renault Clio. The third generation of 308 should drive the point home by promising to be more upscale than ever. It should undoubtedly help improve Peugeot’s brand image internationally.