Peugeot 308 (2021): some info to wait 4

The third generation of Peugeot 308 will be officially unveiled on Thursday March 18. In the meantime, we have managed to collect some interesting information, which makes the mouth water.

With 1.5 million units sold since 2013, the Peugeot 308 is one of the most anticipated compact models in 2021. Before the third generation is officially presented on Thursday, March 18, let’s take a look at the elements we already know.

New logo, new era

On February 25, Peugeot simultaneously presented its new logo as well as the date on which the new 308 would be unveiled. This new logo is clearly inspired by the one seen on the E-Legend concept. It sports a neo-retro design, as a kind of link between the history and the future of the brand.

Let us not forget that Peugeot is the oldest automobile brand still in activity. The manufacturer has been trying to move upmarket for about ten years. It was also recently observed with the launch of the 508 PSE. And this new logo (the eleventh since 1850) proudly displaying a lion in flat design, could well contribute to this work via the image of “assumed power” that it reflects.

More dynamic philosophy

But the video in question broadcast by Peugeot is certainly not limited to unveiling the new identity of the brand to the Lion, it also reveals some elements of the new 308.

No doubt it is she that we can see 5 seconds before the end of the video. We discover a more aggressive face, with an elongated hood leading to tapered lights as well as a more massive grille, in the spirit of what premium brands do. The fangs serving as daytime running lights are of course part of the game. The move upmarket seems to be confirmed.

Always more connected

At this stage, the interior is still unknown. But we can assume that it will also represent this desire to go upmarket, with furniture close to what can be seen on board the 508. The i-cockpit, with its raised instrumentation unit and its small steering wheel should obviously evolve, adopting in particular the 3D holographic display initiated on the small 208.

Finally, the 308 III will have to be able to accommodate all kinds of hybrid engines to be in tune with the times and above all competitive against its many competitors. We are thinking of micro-hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. It could even accommodate the 225 hp block of the 3008 Hybrid and why not a 300 hp version of the one fitted to the 508 PSE.

If all this holds true, it should allow Peugeot to position itself halfway between the generalist and premium category. And thus be able to conquer new customers. It also remains to be seen whether the prices will also move upwards. Answer, very soon!