How will the lion brand respond to Renault’s new coupe SUV?

Renault can now count on the Arkana in its SUV range, a model whose design goes much further than the Captur and Kadjar in terms of audacity. The first model of its kind to play four-door coupes, it will logically be joined by other rivals from competing brands within a few years. We know that projects are underway at Volkswagen and Skoda in particular.

Does Peugeot plan to join this new cut-off SUV war? Without a doubt. Given the current success of the 3008 and 2008, the lion brand would be wrong to deprive itself of a new model with significant potential for success.

The same cut?

Kleber Silva Already offers us his vision of this possible Peugeot SUV coupe. It virtually grafts a front end inspired by the last two Peugeot SUVs onto a Citroën C4 body. The result may lack a bit of finesse but in the spirit, there is much to give a glimpse of a future SUV “cut” from the French manufacturer.