Pedestrian pretends to be run over for compensation 4

This Machiavellian pedestrian had not noticed the presence of a camera on the dashboard of the car he accused of having overturned it.

The scene below was filmed on November 14 in the United States in a parking lot. It is taken by an automatic camera installed on the dashboard of a vehicle, which rolls slowly in the middle of parked cars. In front, a man stands near the hood of the vehicle. And as the car continues to move, the pedestrian begins to behave in a very curious way.

He pretends to crash against the hood of the car, as if the latter had overturned him. However, the vehicle is completely stationary. A few seconds later, we find the same man in the video (wearing a sweater in the colors of Donald Trump and a red cap). Visibly annoyed, he accuses the driver of the vehicle of having run over him.

An insurance scam

Five months after the scene, he began a procedure to be compensated for this “accident”. But he was unable to succeed because of the camera video, proving his contentious behavior.