Panasonic Introduces AI-Based Augmented Reality Head-Up Display 4

The interior of the Mercedes S-Class is rather innovative, it is full of many technologies such as an augmented reality head-up display. To convert other vehicles to this innovation, Panasonic has launched an artificial intelligence-based display system.

What if your future vehicle was equipped with an augmented reality dashboard? Panasonic has just offered its head-up display system at CES in Las Vegas 2021. Called the “SPYDR” cockpit, it will be based on artificial intelligence, like the Mercedes S-Class which already has this type of technology.

No need to take your eyes off the road

Thanks to this head-up display system, the driver will be able to consult various information on his journey while keeping an eye on his route. This projects all the information necessary for driving to the windshield: this display informs about the speed, the presence of an obstacle, the direction to take… Gone are the days of the classic GPS that we all know, augmented reality is perhaps one of the best solutions to reduce the number of road accidents.

His particuliarity ? This uses a technology capable of coupling a 3D display to artificial intelligence. Concretely, the windshield incorporates a system allowing the driver’s gaze to be constantly monitored, so as to display only useful information in his field of vision.

In any case Mercedes already seems delighted with this new technology. It remains to be seen whether other manufacturers will adopt this new display mode.

Here is the head-up display system on the Mercedes S-Class