Novitec takes on the McLaren 765LT 4

Almost 100 hp more, carbon galore and even more delirious lap times. The treatment of the McLaren 765LT by the Germans from Novitec challenges and pushes the exclusivity of the British supercar even further. Not sure that the engineers at Woking appreciate … should we understand that they have botched their work?

Was it really necessary, after all? Obviously, if Novitec attacked the very radical McLaren 765LT, it is because some thought the British supercar was a little too timid or that the work of the British engineers could have gone further. Which is questionable, considering that the 765LT, an even more brutal evolution of the 720S, is among the most polished and carefully developed supersports around. It’s hard to claim to do better than the advanced aerodynamics of a “Long Tail”, or to improve the already ultra-calibrated development of the links to the ground, when they are carried out by a manufacturer who also officiates in F1 …

Fortunately, Novitec has had the modesty to steer clear of these areas. Or almost: the suspensions have been lowered by 20 mm, and firmed up. The main changes concern the mechanical part: the twin-turbo 4-liter V8 still gains 90 hp and now comes in at 855 hp.

Reprogramming and fiber cure

Only the engine mapping has been overhauled, acting on the injection and supercharging. The maximum torque is also increasing, increased to 900 Nm (100 Nm more). The completely redesigned exhaust also contributes to the power gain. The V8 now screams via a new line with ceramic coating.

In terms of numbers, there are 3 tenths of grappled from 0 to 100 km / h: 2.5 s now, and 6.4 s to reach 200 km / h. The top speed, unchanged, remains fixed at 330 km / h. The look is in the same register: wanton to the extreme, with carbon strength for the bodywork elements and aerodynamic appendages. As if there was still room left on the original 765LT to add fiber … The assembly is based on Vossen central nut rims (255/30 ZR20 at the front, 325/25 ZR21 at the rear). Finally, the cockpit also receives its share of modifications, stretched from Alcantara, with new carbon buckets. And of course, at the time of the invoice, enough to forget the some 331,000 euros requested for a simple original 765LT.