no more V8, the next supercar will have a 710 horsepower hybrid V6 4

For several months, Ferrari has been busy developing its future supercar. We were already almost certain that it would be a V6, now we know that it will make 710 horsepower and that it will be a hybrid.

The SF90 will no longer be alone! For now, it is the only hybrid car in the current lineup. The first plug-in hybrid to carry a Prancing Horse, this new supercar will in a way become Ferrari’s showcase and will enable Formula 1 technologies to be used in a private car.

But this advance will be at the expense of the nobility of the engine since it will swap the house V8 for a V6 almost as powerful. According to the latest information, the 3.0-liter V6 that will be under the hood of the future Ferrari will be associated with an electric unit of around 110 horsepower and will develop nearly 710 horsepower, very close to the 720 hp of the V8 3.9 biturbo.

Obviously, this future plug-in hybrid supercar will be able to travel between 20 and 30 km without burning a drop of gasoline. What to compete without problem the McLaren Artura. Regarding the name of this Italian, the brand has not yet given any indication. It could be Ferrari 486 or 306 (3.0 liters, V6) or even 716 (710 horsepower, V6). We’ll have to wait to find out.

At the same time as the Purosangue?

Rumors circulating on the web tell us that this new supercar from Maranello could well be officially unveiled at the same time as the Purosangue, the brand’s first SUV. This will surely do a lot for purists who will have to say hello to an SUV and goodbye to the V8. Unfortunately, one is a necessary step to make sure to stay in the race of the market, the other to make an effort and to comply with European requirements concerning CO2 emissions. To be continued!