With the imminent arrival of the 400Z, it will soon be time for the 370Z to pass the baton. But before bidding him farewell, the manufacturer Yokohama looked at his case one last time by transforming the sports coupe into a real all-terrain machine!

The Nissan 370Z is one of the sports cars that lends itself best to preparations of all kinds. But so far, these preparations all respected without exception his soul of asphalt devourer.

Well, even if it comes at the end of his career, there is a start to everything. The Japanese manufacturer Yokohama wanted to offer something different, never seen on the Z. So the goal has been reached.

Nissan Z-Adventure: an all-terrain 370Z 6


This Nissan Z-Adventure could be some sort of Nissan’s response to Singer’s ACS. But if you can see what it is. This Porsche 911 transformed by Singer into a real Dakar machine.

But unlike Singer who worked in his corner, Yokohama for their part fully developed this Z-Adventure with the blessing of the manufacturer, and in this case with the very collaboration of Nissan engineers.

Nissan Z-Adventure: an all-terrain 370Z 7

Almost perfect

So yes, on this Z-Adventure we especially notice the enormous 33-inch tires. Logical since it is a manufacturer who created the project. But the adaptation must not have been easy. Even if we see in the video some of the work done. In particular with large blows of bolted fender wideners.

It was obviously necessary to adapt a suspension system worthy of the name to raise the body and allow this unusual fit. The braking system had to be reinforced to avoid exploding. And finally to harmonize the whole thing a little – and incidentally to protect the engine and the transmission – a large protection plate was fixed to the frame, just in front of the towing winch. At the point where they were, we say to ourselves why not …

Yokohama has also gone to the end of things by integrating on board a half roll bar as well as two bucket seats. Ah yes, in fact no… The preparation is not quite complete since the engine itself remains completely original. Besides, what a strange choice to have used as a base a 370Z with automatic gearbox! Anyway, looking at the video, there is still a lot of fun!