Renault unveils its new Kangoo, the third version of its utility vehicle initially released in … 1997! For this new version, the changes made are numerous.

At Renault, it has been 14 years since Kangoo had not been entitled to any changes worthy of the name. Indeed, the second generation initiated in 2007 was still offered in the catalog of the diamond mark. It seems obvious that everything had to be reviewed: design, engine, equipment, on-board technology …

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Renault Kangoo (2021)

Called Kangoo Van in its utility version, the model is therefore makeover and operates a move upmarket logic, in particular to catch up with a delay accumulated for several years in its category. Because since then, the offer offered by the competition has grown considerably: between Peugeot Rifter, Citroën Berlingo, Mercedes Citan for example, it was necessary for Renault to stand out again.

A profoundly changed design

Gone are the round shapes and the jovial face of the Kangoo that we have known for so long. Now it’s time for more seriousness with stricter forms, more assertive features but also more marked shoulders which break the cubic effect typical of these machines with often very rectangular shapes.

On the front, we find at the level of the grille the hypertrophied logo of Renault and the lights adopting a light signature in the shape of “C” (the LEDs are standard). At the rear, the lights are more compact.

On board, the changes made are significant, with the appearance in particular of a 8 inch touch screen that stands out from the dashboard like a tablet. On the other hand, no 100% digital interface, as on the last one Volkswagen Caddy for example.

The storage are also very numerous with 60 liters in all: there is a nasturtium on the ceiling in the passenger compartment making nearly 20 l as well as a glove box offering 7 l which opens like a kitchen drawer.

Several thermal engines

Regarding engines, the Renault Kangoo will be offered both in gasoline and in diesel :. On the menu: a 1.3 TCe in 100 and 130 hp and for versions running on diesel a 1.5 BluedCi available in 75, 95 and 115 hp.

Apart from the less powerful entry-level versions, which will only be available with a manual gearbox, all Kangoo can be enjoyed automatically with the EDC dual clutch transmission with seven gears.

A Van E-Tech version, 100% electric

Renault launched in 2011 an electrified version of its flagship utility, called Kangoo ZE. The latter was also the first of the 100% electric range to come out.

Logically, the Losange does it again for the new generation of the Kangoo. The electric version, now renamed Kangoo Van E-Tech, adopts under the hood an engine of 75 kW, is 102 hp. The maximum torque is 245 Nm, available from the start, which promises beautiful almost immediate acceleration. As a reminder, the initial version released in 2011 offered an engine of 44 kW or 60 hp, for a torque of 226 Nm. A good progression for 10 years!

At the battery level, the capacity also increases, from 33 to 44 kWh. This new battery allows the electric Renault Kangoo to see its range increase to 265 km in mixed cycle WLTP. This is 35 km more than the current Kangoo ZE, and 105 km more than the version released in 2011 all the same.

In terms of recharging, the new Kangoo Van E-tech is also improving: it takes around 7 hours with a 7.4 kW Wall Box and 4:30 with an 11 kW terminal. Allow 2 hours of recharging to reach 80% with a public terminal and a 22 kW charger. Finally, with a fast charger 75 kW, we recharge 80% of the battery in just 42 minutes.

Two lengths and many new features

The new Kangoo will be offered in two lengths, with a standard format (4.49 meters) and a long version (4.91 meters). According to Renault, this new Kangoo would thus be able to carry, at a minimum, 3.3 m3 of goods, and up to 4.9 m3 for the long version! With such capacity, no problem to take everything with you.

In terms of payload, the Kangoo in standard dimensions will be able to handle a minimum of 600 kg and up to 800 as an option, while the long version will accept up to nearly one ton.

Note also that one of the largest innovations of this third version of the Kangoo is the function called “Open Sesame“. By eliminating the central pillar, this system offers the widest right side access on the market with 1446 mm. Very practical for example when you are parked in town and there is little space. This function facilitates greatly access to the material stored in the van.Easy Inside Rack (or innovative gallery) allows long objects to be transported up high thanks to a retractable interior gallery.

With this new version, new welcome driving aids are finally arriving: adaptive cruise control with stop / restart function, hands-free parking assistance, lane keeping assistance, active vehicle monitoring system. blind spot, emergency braking with detection of pedestrians and cyclists, recognition of signs …

Technology level, the on-board computer integrated in the 8-inch touch screen offers synchronization with Android Auto or theApple Car Play. There is also a smartphone holder that can be placed on both sides of the meter.

This new Kangoo Van E-tech will be launched end of 2021.

Sales forecast for the month of June

The order book will be opened from April 1st for an arrival in concession planned in June 2021.

Regarding the prices, they range between € 20,700 (entry level with the TCe 100) and € 23,100 (Blue dCi 95) depending on options and versions.

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