Unveiled a few days ago, the new and fifth generation Mercedes C-Class will be available to order on March 30. How much will it cost? Start of response …

Mercedes has just unveiled the new C-Class. A fifth generation of the sedan that evolves smoothly on the look side since it uses the clean and elegant lines of the previous generation. At the front it still displays new “Digital Light” headlights more dynamic as well asa grille marked by a pattern dotted with stars. At the rear, we note the arrival of new tapered LED lights that stretch in width.

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A small S-Class

But it is above all in terms of comfort and luxury that the C-Class progresses, drawing largely on its big sister, the S-Class. It notably takes back its heated and massage seats, its air ionizer and its home fragrance diffuser. Like her, it also sports refined materials combining leather, aluminum, woodwork and other black lacquered inserts.

The relationship with the S-Class continues on the technology side. The new Mercedes C-Class includes the latest generation of the MBUX multimedia system as well as a whole arsenal of driving aids (adaptive cruise control, maintaining position in the lane, recognition of traffic signs, automatic emergency braking system, automated parking assistance, etc.).

Finally, the sedan evolves under the hood since it is now only offered with electrified engines (48 V light hybrid petrol and diesel units and C 300 e plug-in hybrid petrol version).

An entry ticket revised upwards

Obviously, all these novelties will have a direct impact on the price of the model. If theopening of the order book is only planned for the March 30 next, it’s already a safe bet that the entrance ticket to the sedan will be revised upwards. Available today from € 39,300, the Class C should start around 42,000 €. The station wagon version should charge around € 1,200 more.

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