Mustang Shelby Super Snake Speedster: Happy Birthday Carroll 4

In order to properly celebrate what would have been Carroll Shelby’s 98th birthday, Shelby American has just presented a limited edition Shelby Super Snake Speedster.

There are always gifts that are nicer than others. And no doubt Carroll Shelby would have loved this one! You knew the Mustang in Coupé and Cabriolet versions. But Shelby American has just presented a Speedster version.


You know, some Shelby Mustangs come out of the Ford Performance department to be distributed in the United States under the Ford badge. This is the case with the GT350 and GT500 in particular. While others are bought by Shelby American Motors to be modified to the extreme before being marketed worldwide under the Shelby brand. This is for example the case of the Super Snake versions.

In this case, the craziest projects often come out of Shelby American and it is they who were responsible for designing this crazy Speedster project by developing a specific bodywork element, intended to cover the rear seats. Transformed into two seats, this Super Snake Speedster becomes ultra-exclusive. And as if that were not enough, its distribution will be limited to only 98 copies in the United States. Lucky.

It imposes!

Under the hood, we find the enormous V8 – 5.0 liter supercharged 825 hp. Both transmissions are available: mechanical and automatic. But in all cases the power remains sent only to the rear wheels.

First of all, there is an optional “Widebody” body kit on the program for the transformation. In case you find the original look a little too understated, this wide kit should give you what you pay for. The strips, floor mats and door sills are also specific. But we especially note the possibility of replacing the rear seats with a harness bar. And to opt for a more radical suspension.

“The new Speedster is magnificent”, said Shelby American president Gary Patterson. “Stylistically, there is simply nothing quite like it on the road. With the wide body option, it’s a rare combination of sleek elegance and American muscular machismo. This is the automotive equivalent of a powerful and heavy boxer built into an elegant and refined suit. And with only 98 available in the United States, it will be ultra-rare. “

Finally, it should be noted that Shelby American took the opportunity to also bring some small updates to its Shelby GT, Shelby GT500SE models. Thus, the Signature Edition pack increases the power of the GT500 to 800 hp and notably incorporates a carbon fiber bonnet as well as a small optimization of the suspension.