Now, vehicles that attempt to defraud by passing the toll barrier without paying risk an increased fine of € 375 instead of € 75.

Fraudsters are more in the sights than ever with the future arrival of barrier-free tolls. This is what a new decree of Official newspaper dated March 17, 2021, which announces that new sanctions have been enacted. Fans of toll fraud techniques will think twice before attempting to pass without paying!

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A barrier-free toll for the future A79 motorway

The fine goes from 375 to 75 euros

Fraudsters who stick the previous vehicle to pass without paying at the toll gate risk a increased fine, multiplied by five! “Pushing the barrier” or “taking the little train” will be very expensive: instead of the 75 € today, thefine will now be 375 euros. To this is added the administrative fees, which will increase from 20 to 90 euros.

In addition, if you accumulate over a period of twelve months five tickets of 375 euros unpaid, you will receive a fine of 7,500 euros. Those who think of escaping it by changing car will have a bad surprise: “the Public Treasury will object to the competent administrative authority to the transfer of the registration certificate of your vehicle in the event of a second-hand sale”. As long as you don’t have paid all fines, so you will not be able to sell your car.

Prepare for the generalization of barrier-free tolls

The objective is to prepare the generalization of tolls without barriers provided for by the orientation law on mobility, which was promulgated in December 2019. These free flow tolls, thanks to gantries fitted with sensors, aim to eliminate traffic jams which makes it possible to limit the emission of gas effect Greenhouse.

Two such tolls are currently being tested on exits of theA4 andA10. Over the next few years, these tolls will spread much more widely in France.

A certain indulgence should accompany the arrival of these porticoes. “As there is no barrier, it is normal to be indulgent. It is understandable that a motorist forgets to pay. On the other hand, the one who pushes a barrier has no excuse”.

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