There is something for everyone. But the motorhomes that you will see here have nothing in common! Luxury, noble materials and neat finishes, here is a list of premium vehicles!

When you like traveling but don’t necessarily like to stay homehotel, one of the solutions considered may be the motorhome. With him, the constraints of booking a room are over. Even more the trouble of hurrying either to take a train or the plane as well. It is a feeling of infinite freedom that is offered to its occupants!

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Motorhomes with high-end finishes

What is the criterion of luxury motorhome ? Most are designed on truck chassis, but some have a utility forwarder. There are many large templates that belong to the category heavyweight. These models, the price of which can reach several hundred thousand euros, all have one thing in common: meticulous finishes and often noble materials.

Discover our selection of motorhomes whose prices vary between 150,000 euros for the more “affordable” to nearly 650,000 euros for the most beautiful models. Woodwork, leather, and other high-end materials add to the bill … At these prices, no concession is made to satisfy users!

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