Launched in 2014, the famous Mini is given a new lease of life with a deep restyling, both inside and out.

After a very slight update in 2018, it’s time to go under the knife for the Mini! And for once, no problem distinguishing the new from the old, thanks to a transformed look.

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It is at the front that the difference with the old model is the most obvious. We discover a new shield, with a reworked two-stage grille, and air intakes in front of the wheels. The body color is now present even in the grille itself, while an option for blacken many elements, including badges, is available.

The headlights are now black, standard. The fog lights disappear and are replaced by a “bad weather” function in the main LED headlights, manually activated in fog or inclement weather.

A roof with a unique gradient color!

Behind, the modifications are lighter, with the bottom of the bumper now including a body-colored insert. Mini aims for a “purist look”, and even if the front end is a little loaded, it has the merit of not sinking into excessive aggressiveness, too often present in mid-career restyling. However, we will let you judge this new style!

For fans of configurators, Mini presents five new rim designs, and above all a new “Multitone” roof option: the roof paint is then degraded from body color to black, front to rear of the car. And since the layers of paint dry a little differently, each Mini equipped with this option is a little unique!

Inside, smooth evolution

The interior changes little overall. We note the redesigned aerator nozzles, a new steering wheel, and above all the screen which now goes to 8.8 “as standard (against 6.5 “previously), while its interface is updated. New keys are available, and for good reason: new driving aids disembark.

The cruise control is now adaptive from 0 to 140 km / h, and can therefore take over in traffic jams, until the stop. A Lane departure warning makes its appearance, as well as a electric hand brake on certain models and depending on the engine. Finally, the suspension becomes adaptive optionally, the damper adjusting its response every 50 to 100 milliseconds.

Engines and prices, few surprises

Few engine changes, since the Mini One and Mini Cooper retain their range of 3 gasoline cylinders of 75, 102 and 136 hp. The Cooper S and John Cooper Works versions can count on four cylinders with 178 and 231 hp. The electric Cooper SE retains its range of 234 km (WLTP), and its power of 184 hp. You have the choice between the manual gearbox and the double clutch on all engines, except the 75 hp one.

Price side, the evolution is also very minimal, since the Mini is available from € 20,900 against € 20,600 currently (Mini One 75). The Mini 5-door is sold from € 21,800, the Cabrio € 26,600 and the electric Cooper SE € 33,900. Mini also announces the replacement of the Greenwich Edition with a new Camden Edition. The set is available to order today.

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