Very smart the one who will be able to notice the small differences brought by this facelift, which mainly affects the composition of the range.

When it was launched in 2004, the Mercedes CLS made pioneer figure : halfway between a coupe and a sedan, it tries to energize a segment that is already beginning to feel the SUV effect. And since then, the idea has spread everywhere, especially among the competition. We think for example of the Audi A7 or the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé.

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Mercedes Classe C (2021): the range and prices of the new generation

Produced since 2018, the current generation is approaching the middle of its life cycle, so it is restyling time. But Mercedes chose softness and subtlety: we are forced to jlisten to the 7 differences to locate the model. Grilles and shields are very slightly revised, but you have to have an eye. The 20-inch AMG rims are available in two additional colors, and a new steering wheel made his appearance. A new blue paint is also in the catalog.

Disappearance of gasoline!

On the other hand, surprise side of the range: the gasoline has disappeared ! You have the 220d (194 hp) and the 400d (330 hp) left. If you insist on running on gasoline, you will have to turn to AMG, which still offers the CLS 53 AMG, 435 hp. A limited edition of 300 copies of the latter supports the launch of the restyled CLS, with full equipment and decorative bands on the side sills.

The restyled CLS is already available to order, with deliveries scheduled for July 2021. The entry level, the CLS 220d, is available from € 75,149, while the 53 AMG version goes up to € 100,599.

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