While carrying out its final tuning tests in Sweden, Mercedes takes the opportunity to release a series of photos presenting the latest generation of its favorite roadster, the SL.

Sixty-nine before after the launch of the Mercedes 300 SL in March 1952, the eighth generation of the Etoile roadster is about to hit our roads.

It is currently carrying out “extreme cold” tests in Sweden, intended to test its new canvas top and its new all-wheel drive system.

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Sport Light

It has been a long time since the SL (Sport Leicht: light sport) is no longer a featherweight. But Mercedes is apparently trying to remedy this by abandoning the retractable hardtop of the previous generation in favor of a return to the canvas top.

Or is it just for the style? Because the new SL changes a bit of philosophy. It will no longer be a strict two-seater roadster but a 2 + 2 model. Logical with an AMG GT in the range (with which it also shares its platform) which perfectly plays the role of roadster.

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More versatility

Note also that the SL adopts for the first time a 4Matic + all-wheel drive in order to gain in versatility. All of this reminds us of the Porsche 911 recipe, doesn’t it?

The dynamic tests will take place during the year on the northern loop of the Nürburgring in particular. “Engineers will ensure that this latest interpretation of the SL draws even more than ever from its sporting roots”.

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