The Mercedes AMG A35 and CLA 35 remain almost the only models in the range not to sport the Panamericana grille with vertical blades. Logical since they have not yet been restyled but it will come soon!

Indeed, unlike the A45 and CLA 45 AMG in particular, the entry-level Mercedes AMG sedans are not entitled to the superb Panamericana grille initiated on the AMG GT R.

Instead, they feature the old grille with a central horizontal bar. This is also the case for the C43 and CLS 53 AMG. But this should not last very long because Mercedes intends to harmonize its range by gradually deploying the new facies on all models and all versions.

Panamericana for all

Thus, the A45 and CLA 45 AMG, slightly more recent than their counterparts equipped with 35 AMG mechanics, benefited from their launches of the 2021 style. As well as the recent GLA and GLB 35 AMG.

For the other versions, it will therefore be necessary to wait for their restylings planned for 2022 at the earliest. So, if one of them gives you the eye, the best would perhaps be to take your trouble patiently …

Mercedes AMG A35 and CLA 35: new grille in 2022 4Mercedes A45 AMG