Expected in a few days, the Artura, the new hybrid supercar from McLaren, is revealed a little more by means of a new video.

Leaf stripping continues for the Artura. A few days after announcing its presentation for February 17, McLaren is broadcasting new images of its future hybrid supercar.

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McLaren (2021): the new hybrid supercar is called Artura!

The car is revealed a little more through a new video forty seconds. We discover it plunged into darkness. The opportunity to see its line, its light signature, or its rims.

We also distinguish its interior, and in particular its seats as well as its instrument cluster, obviously digital.

Discover the future of McLaren Artura in the video.

What power for the McLaren Artura?

For the rest no new information. We already know that this Artura will be the first McLaren in the “High-Performance Hybrids” category (HPH – High-Performance Hybrid) and that it will have the mission of replacing the “Sports Series” entry-level (from 540C to 600LT).

Completely new since all its elements will be entirely new, it will above all be the descendant of the P1 916 hp unveiled in 2012 and the ultra-limited series Speedtail, produced as a tribute to the legendary F1. With a new carbon fiber chassis, it will indeed be hybrid: it will combine a brand new twin-turbo petrol V6 unit and an electric motor.

This ultralight, high-performance hybrid system “delivers the same performance as V8 engines with the added bonus of improved low-end torque response to deliver impressive acceleration,” McLaren promises.

This mechanism will allow the Artura to cover around thirty kilometers in all-electric mode, for a total of more than 600 hp.

See you in a few days to find out more …

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