The Artura is the car of a new era for McLaren, and probably for the sports segment in general. It announces indeed the arrival of the plug-in hybrid at very high performance, for a relatively large audience, at least in the world of Porsche or Ferrari-style supercars.

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It is indeed not McLaren’s first hybrid: we remember the incredible P1, and, more recently, the Speedtail. But both remain in the realm of hypercars, inaccessible even to many wealthy clients.

But the Artura will be entry level at McLaren. It replaces the “Sports Series” (from the 540C to the 600LT), and should be able to afford a price close to those of a Porsche 911 Turbo S for example.

Jean-Eric Raoul, editor-in-chief of Sport Auto, was able to mount aboard the McLaren Artura. Find out McLaren’s latest supercar on video !

680 hp. hybrids, limited weight gain

The specificity of Artura is therefore the transition to the hybrid, and to V6 turbo. As we know, the adoption of batteries is generally paid for by a high weight. But weight, McLaren made its enemy, throughout the development phase of the Artura. The carbon shell is completely new, the battery weighs only 80 kg, the reverse gear is removed and replaced by an electric mode … Result: 1.498 kg on the scale, all full facts. A real feat, when we know that its hybrid engine develops a whopping 680 hp. It will stir! The 0 to 100 km / h is also dispatched in 3 seconds, thanks to the immediate torque of the electric motor.

Concretely, the 3.0L turbo V6 develops 585 hp, supplemented by a small 95 hp electric motor, all on the rear wheels. The latter allows a 100% electric autonomy of about 30 km, and especially a consumption announced at 5.5 L / 100 km in the WLTP cycle. Incredible for a 680 hp supercar! Of what, above all, escape the penalty, since the McLaren emits only 129 g / km of CO2. A clear advantage over the competition, which can suffer a penalty of € 30,000 since this year. And, even at this price point, it matters.

Elsewhere, a smooth evolution

If the McLaren Artura starts a revolution inside, the design is a gentle evolution from the 540C. The openings at the rear fenders are more marked, but the rest is familiar. The rear lights are reminiscent of those of the McLaren GT, but thinner.

The interior evolves more clearly, with the appearance of astonishing controls fixed on either side of the instrument cluster digital. They make it possible to manage the driving modes, and to free up space on the steering wheel and the central console. In the middle, a large 8 inch vertical screen floats above the gearbox controls. The equipment is up to date, with many driving aids. The air conditioning runs thanks to a small electric compressor, to reduce the weight of the heat engine.

We imagine that the technologies developed for the Artura will soon be found in many models of a renewed McLaren range. It is therefore the beginning of a new era for the brand.

If you’re going to replace your Prius with a McLaren, good news: the Artura is available from today to order, with first deliveries announced for the fall. But bad news: even if McLaren has not yet announced prices, it will still cost around € 220,000 to afford this hybrid supercar.

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