McLaren decided to see what their GT3 machine could become without the restrictions placed on it in racing.

The GT3 is probably the most popular category of the moment: sports cars and supercars, transformed into racing cars, compete in it all over the world. There are Porsche 911, Ferrari 488, Aston Martin Vantage, or even Bentley Continental. So, so that everyone can fight on equal terms, restrictions are imposed by SRO, the organizer. Limited power, additional weight, everything is good for the action in the race to be as tight as possible.

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But McLaren is visibly frustrated with the limits set on its 720S GT3, which is notably restricted to just over 500 hp. This is much less than the road version! So frustrated, that the British brand decided to make an even more extreme version of its racing car: the McLaren 720S GT3X.

200 hp more than in the race!

From the outside, the GT3X looks like two drops of water like the classic 720S GT3. Theaero has in fact been generally retained, even if a specific cooling had to be developed. And for good reason : the engine gains 200 hp ! This twin-turbo V8 now develops 720 hp, and up to 750 hp at the press of a “Push to pass” button. Enough to transform this racing beast into a missile.

Another major modification: the roll bar has been revised to leave room for a passenger. For the pleasure of discovering unique sensations ! Undercarriages and brakes are retained, but more than enough to humiliate almost anything that rolls on your next track visit.

McLaren does not specify how many copies will be produced, or at what price the 720S GT3X will be sold. But knowing that a classic 720S GT3 costs already around 500,000 €, this GT3X will clearly not be a low-cost …

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