Losing control, the truck crosses the opposite lane 4

This is the kind of scene you wouldn’t like to see yourself while driving on a snowy road.

It is still very cold now in some parts of the world, especially in New Hampshire in the United States where snow has fallen a lot in recent days. This video is filmed on a road in the US state, covered in snow after a thunderstorm.

The adhesion of the road is very limited by the level of snow cover, which will pose major problems for the driver of a semi-trailer arriving in front. As the truck arrives at the bend, the driver loses control of his vehicle and finds himself crossing the opposite lane.

Big fear

He ends up spinning completely in the scenery, with a little pressure on the approaching vehicle where the camera is installed. The latter logically stops on the side of the road to come to the aid of the driver of the truck, who fortunately was not injured in the accident.