For the first time, BMW will produce a Touring version of its BMW M3. This is what it might look like.

Audi has its RS4 Avant, Mercedes its C63 AMG station wagon. But, until then, BMW had not jbut offered the famous M3 in Touring version, the name of its breaks. It will be done in 2022!

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The prospect of havinga 510 hp sports car with a large tailgate is indeed exciting for many fans of the propeller brand. And since the announcement of the M3 Touring in 2020, many prototypes and other teasers have been spotted. Sufficient to give our British colleagues the idea of Carwow imagine what this famous M3 Touring should look like.

It will move!

Based on these camouflaged cars and also on the current 3 Series Touring, the site produced these two images very realistic an M3 Touring. Always decked out with this grille with gigantic “beans”, the Touring therefore gains a practical tailgate at the rear, without denying what makes its sportiness : puffy fenders, sloping roof, diffuser and four menacing tailpipes. There will be sports coming back from Ikea!

Source: Carwow

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