Lexus announces the arrival of a new concept car which will present the future of the brand and announce a new generation of models.

You have the future of Lexus in front of you. The Japanese manufacturer has just unveiled an image of a new concept car that announces the future of the brand.

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Lexus: a concept is announced

“We will unveil our new brand vision with a new concept,” the firm said today.

The cliché published on social networks unfortunately does not reveal much about the vehicle. We nevertheless discover the latter from behind and we can guess in the half-light of the powerful lines and wide hips.

See you in the spring

This innovative concept will be presented in spring 2021 and the first model resulting from this “new brand vision” will be launched before the end of the year. Others will follow in 2022 and beyond, Lexus already promises.

Lexus on all fronts

The projects follow one another for Lexus. Recently, the Japanese manufacturer renewed its flagship, the fifth-generation LS sedan, through a mid-career restyling. Earlier in 2020, the brand also launched its first 100% electric model: the UX 300e, a 204 hp SUV with a range of around 300 km (305 to 315 km in WLTP cycle) and billed to us at price of 49.990 €.

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