It’s been over a decade since Lexus launched the LFA. It was not a commercial success and some units are even still on sale in the United States. However, it has become a real automotive myth.

When a legend speaks, we listen to it. And when she screams … we listen to her too. Although it has not been very popular with customers, it has changed our perception of the Japanese brand. It’s also a source of inspiration for some of the Lexus badged sports cars these days, including the LC 500. Again, despite production stopping in 2012 after 500 units, some new copies of the LFA are still available for purchase, one of which was spotted in a short video by our colleagues at Motorsport Magazine.

Ten years later, so it’s time to see how the LFA is able to step up. The short video below shows us (and makes us hear) the LFA screaming its V10 up to 9,500 rpm. Initially, it is capable of swallowing the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds. But that’s not what is most important in this video. Rather, it is the sound of its engine that makes many enthusiasts dream. Besides, this is one of the reasons why she achieved such fame.

A little sliding?

Better yet, in addition to the lyrical acceleration of this atmospheric block, we can also see her do some slips on the circuit. If you are a fan of this car, you will love this video.

Especially when we know that there is very little chance of one day seeing another supercar succeed the LFA. However, in 2019, Koji Sato, then vice-president who has since become president, mentioned in an interview that there was hope for an LFA heiress, but they would need the media’s support to make this happen.

It is still the only supercar of the brand and it could bring back some customers, or even bring in new ones. We haven’t heard any other claims about it, however, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop hoping. But if there is a successor … it will certainly not have an atmospheric V10 under the hood.