less than 30,000 €, penalty included 4

Hyundai officially announced at the end of 2020 that the i20 N would be well marketed in France, despite the penalty that is rife with us and has even led to the disappearance of the last pocket sports cars. We now know the prices of the Korean bombinette: it starts at 27,800 € and has the good taste to avoid a penalty that is too murderous.

The Hyundai i20 N will therefore be one of the last representatives of an endangered species. In France at least, because many other markets do not suffer from the same obsession with hunting for grams at all costs. Renault has not renewed the Clio RS, Peugeot is only planning a future 208 GTi in electrified form, and Volkswagen no longer sells Polo GTIs in France. So there is little left but Ford and its bubbling Fiesta ST on the niche.

Almost a WRC at a friendly price?

It will take an envelope of € 27,800 to take advantage of the small 1.6 l turbo 4-cylinder engine with 204 hp. Approved at 158 ​​g / km, its penalty is relatively low: a penalty of € 1,276.

At this price, we benefit from a rather rich endowment. Self-locking differential, active exhaust (open wide, it almost sounds like a real WRC it seems!), bucket seats … The Ford Fiesta ST, in comparison, is a little more affordable in price (€ 26,850) and suffers from a penalty strictly identical (158 g / km). The latter displays an equivalent power (200 hp), drawn from a particularly volcanic 3-cylinder 1.5 l. The lap times are the same (0 to 100 km / h in 6.2 s for the Korean, 6.5 s for the Ford).