Land Rover offers 7 Defenders to coastal protection organizations and civil security 4

If the armed forces and humanitarian organizations were already used to using Land Rover Defenders in their missions, the English firm has decided to offer seven copies to non-profit organizations.

The past year has not been easy for anyone. To try and help, Land Rover is preparing to donate seven Defenders to charities in the United States. As part of the Defender Above & Beyond Service Awards, US nonprofits that specialize in certain areas may be offered or nominated by others to receive one of the vehicles. Non-profit organizations can apply by visiting a special website and filling out a registration form. It should be accompanied by a short video that explains what the organization is about, how it meets the needs of a community and how a Land Rover Defender would help them improve their efforts.

Applications will be conducted in waves, with the first focusing on charities involved in search and rescue as well as the protection of the coast and marine life. Applications will close on April 7 and the judges will then select the finalists. The public can then vote for their favorite organization starting April 21.

Defenders to save lives and the environment?

The process will resume for organizations fighting for animal welfare on May 3, before moving to environmental, urban improvement and fire service associations on June 28. The seven winners will be announced on September 2 and they will receive a Defender 110 S as well as a credit of up to $ 23,714 to customize the vehicle to better meet their needs. Land Rover is also offering $ 2,500 to help offset registration fees and various taxes.

In a statement, Joe Eberhard, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America, said: “Defender vehicles have been used for a variety of humanitarian causes around the world for decades and with its recent return to the United States, we wanted to build on that legacy with the Defender Above & Beyond Service Awards and help organizations that know the value of community and lead to doing great things with ”. A nice story.