Lamborghini Reventon's Worst Replica 4

The Reventon is one of the rarest and most exclusive Lamborghinis in history. What to inspire some forgers who did not hesitate to make a dubious replica of it to say the least.

The Internet is full of automotive nuggets. Example with this rude Lamborghini Reventon replica coming straight from Sofia in Bulgaria. Based on a Fiat Coupé, the fake Taurus supercar roughly resumes the proportions of the original vehicle and even allows itself to have gullwing doors.

For the rest, everything is a failure. Whether it was the raw bodywork, the original Fiat headlights or the taillights, counterfeiters would have had to invest a little more time and money in order to get a decent copy. Bigger wheels, or even more similar front shields would not have been too much either.

Less than 10,000 €!

Currently for sale on Facebook Marketplace, the Bulgarian Reventon is displayed at a price of 12,145 dollars, or just under 10,000 €. A good deal if you are not afraid of the ridiculous!

And above all, much less than the million euros requested for one of the 20 copies of the original Lamborghini Reventon. As a reminder, the real one has a fully carbon body and a 650 horsepower V12!