Kia unveils the first information and photos concerning the EV6, its new 100% electric crossover, cousin of the recent Hyundai Ioniq 5.

It was announced, here it is! Just days after showing up in the dark, the first of the seven new 100% electric models promised by Kia by 2027 comes to light. It’s the EV6, a coupe-like zero-emission crossover that unveils the South Korean automaker’s new design philosophy. A philosophy called “Opposites United” (The alliance of opposites).

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Kia EV6 (2021): first images of a new electric model

“With the EV6, we sought to create a distinctive and striking design by combining sophisticated, high-tech styling cues with rich, uncluttered volumes, while providing a space unlike any other typical of a decidedly futuristic electric vehicle. “, announces Karim Habb, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Design at Kia.

EV6 inaugurates Kia’s new design

The EV6 is thus distinguished by slender lines and sharp lines. The whole is energized by a windshield stretched towards the rear and by a very inclined bezel. At the front, we find in particular a sculpted hood, tapered headlamps and an electric reinterpretation of the famous Tiger Nose grille, dear to Kia. The rear is marked by a unique light signature, with a thin strip of light as lights that runs the entire width of the vehicle.

Although modern, the interior is more classic. The dashboard is sleek and a large digital panel includes the instrument cluster and the central touch screen.

A technical sheet still kept secret

For the rest and in particular the technical sheet, Kia is still quite mysterious. We simply know that the EV6 is the close cousin of the recent Ioniq 5. Like him, it is indeed based on the new group E-GPM platform Hyundai, dedicated to zero emission vehicles. The EV6 could also use the same engines (168 hp in propulsion or 301 hp in four-wheel drive) and the same batteries as the Ioniq 5 (58 or 72.6 kWh). His autonomy could thus flirt with the 500 km. Confirmation expected at the end of March 2021, during its world premiere.

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