To take its electric turn, Jaguar wants to seek help from other manufacturers.

In 2025, Jaguar will be 100% electric. That leaves the British brand only 4 years to develop a complete range battery-powered cars, all with necessarily more limited means than a giant like Volkswagen or Stellantis.

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Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bolloré told investors that the brand was therefore seeking a partner with whom to develop an electrical platform, which would be used for its entire range. But beware, Jaguar sets its conditions: this platform must serve a design, first of all. For Bolloré, “it is not worth it that we are going into this with Jaguar, if our cars are not absolutely magnificent”.

Electric platforms often allow builders greater freedom of design, since they do not have to place bulky components such as an engine or a transmission, and can therefore play on the proportions.

The XJ platform for Land Rover

More surprisingly, Jaguar obviously does not want to use the platform of what was to become the future electric XJ sedan, which was sacrificed at the last moment on the hotel of this new strategy. According to our Auto Express colleagues, this platform, called MLA, developed to accommodate all types of engines, will finally be taken over by Land Rover for the next electric Range Rover.

Another precision on this major electric plan: Jaguar wants reduce sales volumes and still move upmarket, to position itself on true luxury. An ambitious bet, in just a few years.

Source: Auto Express

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