It's the rush to the call platform to make an appointment 4

The call platform for making an appointment is run by doctors from Samu and medical students. – B. Colin / 20 Minutes

  • As part of the deployment of the Covid-19 vaccination, a call platform for making an appointment has been set up in Toulouse.
  • Since Thursday, medical students who respond are overwhelmed by calls.
  • It has been installed in the premises of the SAMU and can be contacted on 0 809 54 19 19.

Alix gets up from her chair, stamping with joy. This Toulouse medical student has just won a small victory, the call he has just taken lasted only twelve minutes. And for the brand new platform for making telephone appointments for the anti-Covid vaccination, it is almost a miracle. Between computer bugs, the slowness of online registration platforms and the time to ask questions of their interlocutors, respondents are happy when their phone call ends in less than a quarter of an hour.

The time to rejoice is short, the phone rings again. This time, it is a man who introduces himself, the appointment is for his mother of 88 years. “She has already seen the doctor this morning,” he explains from the other side of the receiver. To make him wait while the software updates, Alix asks questions about the state of health, about possible clinical signs of Covid-19 or allergies.

Under the watchful eye of Julie oudet, doctor of the SAMU, charged at the beginning of the week to create from scratch and in less than four days a platform for the whole of Haute-Garonne. Neither one nor two, the emergency physician took his cell phone and called on his “piou-pious”, this cohort of medical students already on the bridge last spring, when calls on the coronavirus cluttered the lines of the 15 In two hours, 250 of them had volunteered, despite the partial.

A dedicated number

“I did not hesitate for a single second, we want to be useful,” assures Inés, a 3rd year medical student who has just spent half an hour on the phone with a person over the age of 75 who wanted to take meeting for her, her partner and her sister-in-law. “They were relieved to have reached us, they were not worried and had no doubts about the vaccination”, assures the young woman between two rings. For now, no free rider on the phone, just people in a hurry to get vaccinated.

Thursday, at the end of the day, the authorities set up a dedicated number (0809 54 19 19), history that the 15th, dedicated to the emergency, the real one, is not in PLS or saturated. Because the rhythm is incessant in this room of ten stations deployed in a corner of the SAMU building, on the site of the Purpan hospital. “We will go to fifteen stations, the time to configure and equip the room next door. Yesterday, in 1 hour 30 minutes of activities, we received 92 calls on eight stations and we only had access to the internal vaccination sites of the Toulouse University Hospital. Today, it has widened, and it is the congestion at the level of calls, ”recognizes Julie Oudet.

Impossible to know the waiting times, but once the call is taken, the people on the phone are rather accommodating, even if the appointment slots are filling up at high speed. Some have first tried to meet. connect to the website, without success. Others just don’t have the Internet.

“From the moment you extend vaccination to certain categories of the population, it is consistent to have peak calls,” continues the emergency physician who knows that there is also a running-in phase. In Haute-Garonne, potentially, 107,000 people over the age of 75 can now have access to their anti-Covid dose. On the platform, we expect to see the standard heat up again as soon as the government gives the green light for other categories of the population. In the meantime, Julie Oudet has been on deck, like all her colleagues, for over nine months now… Without any real interruption.