The Guardia di Finanza received a Peugeot e-208, a fully electric version of the little lioness, for its interventions. The Italian customs police will have a total of 30 vehicles.

In Italy, the police are going green … Last December already, the Carabinieri had taken possession of 52 Nissan Leaf, 100% electric car. For the start of the year, it is the turn of the Italian customs and financial police, the “Guardia di Finanza“, to switch to electric. Peugeot Italy has indeed offered a e-208, electric version of the classic 208, which develops 136 horsepower. This first copy will be followed by 29 other vehicles in the long term rental.

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An e-208 police version

Within the Guardia di Finanza, this 208 electric has had a makeover. It inherits a dark gray body, with several fluorescent yellow markings. On the roof of the small city car, there are three large blue rotating beacons necessary for rapid interventions and finally several micro LEDs which have been added on the grille and behind the rear window of the vehicle.

There are also several mentions “Guardia di Finanza“in capital letters under the side bands as well as on the trunk. With all these inscriptions and this muscular livery, no doubt that it is a police vehicle !

A lightly furnished interior

Regarding the interior of the vehicle, there is a support on the central console with a touch pad, very convenient for portability. It is specified that the tablet is directly connected to the servers of the Italian customs department. Once the safe is opened, GDF crossing guards can benefit from a small reinforced shelf as well as a led light installed in the ceiling light to illuminate the support. The teams therefore have a real small workspace during their interventions.

Note that all the transformations were carried out by Focaccia, a company specializing in the construction and manufacture of specific equipment for the police force.

Under the hood, we find the 100 kW engine (136 hp), coupled with a 50 kWh battery. This version allows this e-208 to benefit from a range announced up to 340 km.

Note that in France, several teams of the National Gendarmerie have recently been rolling in electric vehicles.

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