It only took him 6 hours to destroy his new Ferrari F8 4

This German has totally destroyed his new Ferrari F8 Tributo after only six hours of possession.

In Ferrari’s current lineup, the F8 Tributo replaces the old 488 GTB. With its 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 developing 720 horsepower, it competes with the McLaren 720S with similar performance but a less brutal philosophy.

Offered in the catalog for a little over a year, this F8 Tributo is starting to be delivered to customers in large numbers. Last week, a gray copy found its way to Germany to join its happy owner, who immediately wanted to honor it on a freeway in the country without limitation. But he couldn’t have enjoyed it for long.

Total destruction

After only six hours of possession, the owner heavily tapped the barriers of the freeway. He lost control of the Ferrari on a very cold wet road, while the car was wearing summer tires. The Ferrari is now good for the scrapyard …