It explodes in the garbage truck during the intervention 4

This is what can happen when you are not looking straight ahead. Here the garbage collector has been very lucky.

What is the number one cause of traffic accidents? According to road law enforcement professionals, too high speed is one of the main triggers. But the reality of the numbers prove rather that there is often a problem of attention at the base of any accident.

In this case, there is not even any other cause. The video indeed shows a garbage truck making its round. Behind him, a gray SUV moves forward and rolls down its lane. But probably due to some distraction, his driver does not see the truck stop in front of him. He therefore hits him head-on.


Fortunately for the garbage collector at work, he had already got out of the truck at the time of the collision with the SUV. We say fortunately because otherwise, the consequences of the accident would have been much more terrible …