Is the McLaren MP4-12C turning into a bargain? 4

McLaren’s first mass-market model, the MP4-12C was marketed between 2011 and 2014. A powerful car with its twin-turbo V8 up to 625 hp and sporty now available on the second-hand market for 100,000 euros.

After the legendary F1 in 1994, McLaren took its time to market another model. It took 17 years and the arrival of the MP4-12C to review a road McLaren. Motorized then by the V8 biturbo 3.8 house of 600 hp (and 625 hp from 2013), the British supercar inaugurates the famous carbon monohull chassis used by all the following models.

A light, sporty and playful car now almost affordable. Almost affordable yes because compared to the more than 200,000 € requested in 2011 to buy it new, the MP4-12C is available on the second-hand market at 100,000 €.

Less character than a 458

By way of comparison, its competitor at the time, the Ferrari 458 Italia, and its 570 hp naturally aspirated V8 engine did not drop below the € 125,000 mark. This is explained by a slightly more timid character for the McLaren, a more sober sound and a brand image still to be perfected, the small electronic problems (resolved since) of the first series having played against it.

The MP4-12C could therefore represent a model of access to the very closed world of supercars. Provided of course, to have the means.