At € 28,630, does the entry-level Audi A3 30 TFSI offer more than a Golf at € 26,980?

Everyone knows that the price of a car depends very much on the options and the engines chosen. Between an entry-level model and the most richly equipped variant, there can be several tens of thousands of euros of difference.

And this is traditionally even more true with premium manufacturers, where the list of options can go further than with generalist brands. These models also always sell for more than their competitors from less “rated” brands. For example, let’s look at the gap between the last entry-level Volkswagen Golf (Life at € 26,980) and its “premium” cousin from Audi, the A3 30 TFSI with the same 110 horsepower petrol engine. The latter costs € 28,630 starting price, a difference of € 1,650.

Less standard equipment

In terms of exterior presentation, the two cars have the same basic equipment with 16-inch rims and a body without sporting artifacts, in addition to non-metallic paints. The Audi has a small technological advantage in terms of its standard LED front optics, but it offers less standard equipment on board: no adaptive regulator (€ 710) or lane assist (€ 700). Apple Carplay / Android Auto connectivity is also optional at 350 €, and you have to be content, as for the Golf, with a manual gearbox. Admittedly, the atmosphere aboard the A3 still seems a little more qualitative, even without full leather as standard or the Virtual Cockpit as an option (it still has a digital dashboard). But if you want a full-featured A3 with a small engine, you’ll have to spend more than € 50,000 (like Mercedes and BMW).