While Renault has just come out of its descent into hell, the insolent success of the latest Peugeot 208 and 2008 positions the lion brand far ahead of the diamond in France. And even in Europe.

Since the dawn of time or almost, Renault has systematically established itself as the leading French car manufacturer in France and the rest of the world. The sales figures of the diamond brand far beat those of Peugeot, its eternal French pursuer. But the tide seems to be turning in these times of global crisis and uncertainties related to the Coronavirus. The Peugeot brand is taking full advantage of a range of products that are both modern and strong in image, after years of turbulence and the restructuring carried out by Carlos Tavares.

Meanwhile, Renault is floundering hard. The diamond brand, which has just declared abysmal losses for the year 2020, is currently trying to get out of one of the worst financial times in its history. The worst seems to be behind since the arrival of a new boss (Luca de Meo), with an aggressive product plan for the years to come. But currently, Renault no longer has much of the dominant French brand.

Renault behind Peugeot

In France, Peugeot had already dominated Renault since last year. The small 208 and its sparkling style beats the Renault Clio with a fairly clear lead in 2020, which seems to be widening at the start of 2021 (8,000 copies in advance in February alone). But Peugeot is also ahead of Renault in other strategic segments: while the 3008 family SUV continues to explode sales (leaving the Renault Kadjar in the shadows), the last 2008 offers itself the luxury of following closely behind. the 208: in February 2021, it took second place in the ranking in France, ahead of the Citroën C3, the Dacia Sandero and a Renault Clio in free fall!

And even if Renault traditionally dominated Peugeot in the rest of Europe, the trend is also reversing on the entire Old Continent. In 2020, the Renault Clio still held a pretty place as runner-up in the market behind the unstoppable Golf. But in January 2021, the Clio fell to seventh place. The dauphine of the market was now called Peugeot 208, behind a Toyota Yaris in great shape thanks to its new version and a hybrid version which is a hit. Sixth in the ranking, the 2008 also becomes the best-selling SUV in Europe. In short, we are thrown into an unprecedented era where Peugeot dominates Renault. The lion brand is taking full advantage of its excellent strategy in terms of styling and tuning, leaving Renault to work on its return to the top. Everything will depend on the talent of the new management team …