Honda has published a study revealing the habits of the French towards the automobile and new technologies, and highlights the reasons for their fears of switching to hybrid engines.

According to a study published by Honda, 53% of French motorists would like to switch to the hybrid, but 69% of drivers of combustion vehicles believe they do not know enough to do so. With a quiz titled “What is preventing you from taking the plunge?”, Honda wanted to know more about the habits of French motorists, but also their expectations in the face of new technologies. This new study highlights the lack of information that pushes the French to postpone their purchase of a hybrid vehicle: a gap between the ecological ambitions of motorists and their acts of vehicle purchase.

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The study also found that hybrid vehicle drivers are also the most tech-savvy drivers: 35% say they’re more likely to try new tech before their friends and family, compared to 19. % of motorists with heat engines, who tend to favor what they know, 44% believing that the hybrid car would be a “leap into the unknown”.

The French still reluctant to hybrid vehicles

In addition, while the majority of French motorists (85%) are concerned about climate change, owners of hybrid vehicles are more inclined to see themselves as environmentalists (56%, against 38% of owners of combustion vehicles ), and about half (49%) of hybrid drivers are likely to feel a sense of pride when they are praised for their car (vs. 34% of ICE drivers).

But the aversion to the hybrid car is also due to received ideas about the autonomy of these models: in fact, 70% of French motorists say they are concerned about the autonomy of hybrid vehicles, which is for them a real brake on the purchase. But once the milestone is crossed, only 40% of hybrid owners are still concerned about the range of their vehicle.

A conclusion that delighted Pierre Guignot, Director of the Honda Automotive Division: “ It is particularly gratifying that range is not a problem for hybrid drivers, which should reassure drivers of gasoline and diesel vehicles who still have doubts. There are many benefits to owning a hybrid vehicle, and we’re happy to find that people are especially proud of their cars when they drive one.

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