This little Spanish coachbuilder has transformed a Mazda MX-5 into a neo-retro roadster with an extravagant look.

Do you find your Mazda MX-5 too ordinary? Do you dream of a retro look but prefer modern technologies? And you are not afraid to attract attention? Therefore the Hurtan Grand Albaycín is made for you ! This 1950s UFO roadster is the creation ofHurtan Automoviles, a small Spanish coachbuilder specializing in neo-retro vehicles since 1992.

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And Hurtan is not at his first attempt: he has especially created amazing bodies from Chrysler PT Cruiser or Fiat Doblo, for example. Discover them all, and the last Great Albaycín, in our video:

The Grand Albaycín is therefore basically a Mazda MX-5. The chassis and mechanics are strictly identical, so that according to our colleagues from Autoblog, Mazda would even suggest that owners keep the engine warranty of an MX-5 for their Grand Albaycín.

Double a Mazda MX-5!

Once the little Mazda has been received in the small Spanish workshop, the team gets to work. Everything goes there: bodywork, leather interior … It’s hard to find a trace of the Japanese sports car that serves as its basis. Everything is handcrafted with care: Hurtan will not be able to manufacture than 30 Grand Albaycín in 2021.

It is also difficult to imagine a much stronger demand than that, given the very particular look of the machine. The price is set at € 59,000 for the version based on the entry-level MX-5, strong of 132 hp. It is more than double the price of the MX-5, available here from € 29,100!

And beware, the prices go up again: if you opt for the more powerful version (184 hp) and equipped with a hardtop roof (MX-5 RF), it will cost you more than 80,000 €… The price of exclusivity, and a style that guarantees you will never go unnoticed.

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