Huawei is rumored to have plans to diversify its activities with the manufacture of electric cars, with launches planned for this year.

According to Reuters, Huawei is trying to diversify its products, and is in talks with several Chinese car manufacturers, including Chang’an Automobile (known in particular for its joint projects with PSA / Stellantis, Ford or Volvo) and BluePark New Energy Technology , a subsidiary of Beijing Automotive (BAIC), in order to use their factories for the purpose of produce new electric vehicles.

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After two years of US sanctions against Huawei, accompanied by numerous repercussions on an international scale, the Chinese giant should review its strategy and prepare to operate a major change of direction, in order to keep the business afloat. Indeed, Huawei has been placed under embargo by the Trump administration, for suspicion of espionage in connection with the Chinese government.

Huawei and electric cars: information denied?

While Chang’an and BAIC did not comment on the information, a Huawei spokesperson denied the rumor: “Huawei is not an automobile manufacturer. However, we aim to be a supplier of components for connected cars, enabling automotive OEMs to build better vehicles. “

And yet, according to the four sources close to the matter cited by Reuters, who all wish to remain anonymous, Huawei would have started to design electric vehicles in-house and canvassing suppliers, with the aim of officially launch this project this year 2021. Huawei’s electric cars should then target a generalist audience.

After Google’s investments in Waymo, Amazon with Rivian, or even Apple, it would not be surprising to see Huawei enter the race for connected electric cars … To be continued.

Source: Reuters

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