Rather than “wasting” money at the garage, do your own car oil change at home. But a minimum of method is essential to avoid regretting it later …

After purchasing theengine oil adequate and you have enough to clean up the grime (don’t do your oil change in a suit and tie, do you?), unscrew the oil pan plug in order to release the used oil. Don’t forget to bring a recycling bin. If necessary, take the opportunity to replace the oil filter which is usually a cartridge.

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Emptying: to be carried out scrupulously!

Now is the time to add the new oil. A funnel is welcome for this exercise. If you don’t know the exact amount to pour, take it one step at a time. Pour 3.5 to 4 liters, and check with the dipstick. Then add lubricant in increments of half a liter each time (or less), checking each time with the dipstick after a few minutes, until the oil has descended to the crankcase. At the level close to maximum, start the engine so that the circuit fills up everywhere, especially at the oil filter.

But what to do with used oil? ESPECIALLY do not mess it up in nature or in a sink. It’s illegal and Mother Nature will blame you. Dispose of it in a recycling center or put it in a garage recycling old liquids.

By having drained your vehicle yourself, you will have saved 100 €, even 200 depending on the garage you usually use, for just 2 hours of full occupancy. Admit it’s worth getting your hands dirty, right?

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