How often or when should a tire be replaced ?: models, reviews, reviews and videos 4

According to a survey, a car tire should be replaced after an average of 41,000 km. On the other hand, sellers advertise an average lifespan of 5 years for new tires. However, these indications actually depend on various factors that can accelerate tire wear.

How do I know if the tires are worn?

To know if a tire is worn or not, you must check the tread grooves located on the sidewall of the tire. It is in this precise place that the marking of the wheel is placed. The legal thickness of these grooves is 1.6 mm. If this size exceeds 2 mm, while the tire does not show a tear, it must be replaced because the limit has been reached.

Another very simple technique to detect the wear indicator: slide a € 1 coin into the central grooves of the tire at the tread. The “face” side of the coin should be facing the verifier. If all the stars around the part are visible then it is time to replace the tires. A worn tire loses its ability to evacuate water, mud and sand and its grip on the ground decreases. As a result, the braking distances are lengthened.

How to check the age of the tires?

According to experts, a tire over five years old begins to lose its qualities because rubber ages and no longer has the same grip as when it started. This is why it is safer to favor new tires rather than used ones.

In order to check the age of the tires, i.e. their date of manufacture, use DOT code : this is a four-digit code located on the side. The first two digits correspond to the week the tire was manufactured while the last two indicate the year. Thus, the DOT code 1117 means that the tire was manufactured during the 11th week of the year 2017.

How do you maintain tires to make them last longer?

If it is well maintained and if it is installed in good conditions (dry environment and not exposed to sunlight), the life of a tire can greatly exceed 5 years. Moreover, after having exceeded 40,000 km it is possible that a tire, even less than 5 years old, shows wear. It will then need to be changed.

Here are some good ones gestures and tips to help extend durability and to preserve the quality of the tire:

– Check the tire pressure: the four tires must be well balanced for good load distribution.
– Replace a tire as soon as a tear appears;
– Check the geometry at least once a year;
– Replace the damaged valve;
– Favor nitrogen inflation;
– Check the driving of the car.

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