How much to change a windshield?: Models, tests, reviews and videos 4

Replacing a car’s windshield is necessary when the severity of the impacts calls into question its strength and durability. To perform a reliable diagnosis, it is recommended to use the services of a professional specializing in windshield repair. What budget should you plan to make the change?

If replacement is necessary, the type of windshield is the first point affecting the price. Indeed, the classic models are less expensive compared to acoustic windshields, heated, athermal, equipped with rain detector, etc. Therefore, the cost can vary considerably depending on this criterion and the vehicle model.

If the average price is included between 350 and 550 euros, it should be noted that the windshields fitted to high-end cars are more expensive. The repairer also includes the cost of the intervention in the invoice, namely the removal of the old one and the installation of the new windshield. The duration of the work depends on the type of damage: crack, impact or broken windshield.

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Part of the expenditure is covered by the insurer if the broken glass cover is included in the insurance contract. This is valid for both repair and replacement. It is good to know that the replacement of the windshield is not obligatory if the impact is slight and does not affect the visibility of the driver. The average cost of the repair is included between 80 and 100 euros.

For the settlement of the invoice, various payment methods are available. Among the preferred solutions, bank transfer is appreciated for the speed of execution of the transaction. Payment by check is a completely secure option.

Tips for reducing windshield replacement costs

It is possible to replace the windshield yourself, provided you have the necessary equipment and you are a handyman at heart. Here’s how to do it:

1. Remove the rubber gaskets and the retaining clips;
2. Separate the windshield from the frame commonly known as the welded rim using a blade or knife;
3. Cut the urethane with a razor blade from inside the car;
4. Remove the old windshield (two people are needed to perform this operation);
5. Clean the parts intended to accommodate the replacement windshield before covering them with adhesive tape;
6. Apply primer and urethane;
7. Install the new windshield, taking care to align the edges and the top;
8. Replace the seal.

Drying time varies depending on the product used. It is sufficient to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is possible to find a used windshield still in very good condition in a breakage, at a spare parts specialist or on the Internet.

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