How much should you budget to replace a cylinder head gasket?: Models, tests, reviews and videos 4

The engine block found in modern vehicles usually has a cylinder head. Located between these two crucial parts of the engine, the cylinder head gasket is essential to its operation. In particular, it makes it possible to avoid a loss of engine power, or even a serious breakdown. What are the signs of wear and tear on this component and what is the budget for replacing it?

As the name suggests, the cylinder head gasket has the function of make the seal between the engine block and the cylinder head. It is designed to ensure thecylinder sealing and avoid possible leaks. In asbestos or metal, this element prevents water from mixing with oil in the engine. It is necessary to regularly check its condition. A cylinder head gasket problem could cause serious mechanical problems, including engine failure which could be costly.

Signs of cylinder head gasket failure

It is important to know the symptoms of a faulty cylinder head gasket indicating that it is necessary to replace it as soon as possible.

• The muffler emits a big white smoke ;
• The engine oil and coolant warning lights remain on;
• Of the “mayonnaise“, mixture of oil and coolant, is located at the level of the oil plug;
• The color of the engine oil becomes light;
• The engine is regularly overheated, due to a loss of coolant or excessive oil consumption;
• There is a fault with the thermostat or the heating system.

How to replace the cylinder head gasket?

It is possible to change the cylinder head gasket yourself, provided you have advanced mechanical knowledge. The slightest mistake could lead to engine failure, with irreversible damage. The operation consists of:

1. Drain the cooling circuit;
2. Remove the water hoses from the cylinder head;
3. Remove the cylinder head;
4. Clean the engine block using a dedicated product or acetone;
5. Fit the new cylinder head gasket;
6. Fit the cylinder head, taking care to tighten the fixing bolts;
7. Reassemble the ignition coil, the air filter, the injector rail and the other parts connected to the cylinder head and the engine block.

The cylinder head gasket costs between 30 and 100 euros, depending on the make and type of vehicle. By entrusting this operation to a mechanic, the budget for labor is close to 600 euros. To settle the bill, among the different payment methods offered, it is recommended to opt for the faster bank transfer. Payment by cashier’s check is also preferred, because it is a secure solution. It is good to note that the check must be validated in advance by the bank.

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