How much does an automobile overhaul cost?: Models, tests, reviews and videos 4

Overhaul is the guarantee to ensure the safety and performance of the car. This is an essential step in order to identify with precision the technical problems that can affect the proper functioning of the car. How much does an automobile overhaul cost and what does it include? Point.

Overhaul refers to a set of checks and operations carried out to maintain the car. The checks carried out include several operations, which vary depending on the model and the value of the car. Here are the main checkpoints:

  • The change of oil filter ;
  • The update liquid level ;
  • Electronic diagnostics;
  • The level of brake fluid ;
  • Checking of spark plugs;
  • The reset of the maintenance indicator after service to plan the next service to be carried out.

When to have your car serviced?

The manufacturer provides a service book which makes it possible to determine when the overhaul of a car should be carried out. For a car at petrol engine, it is done every 15,000 km. As for the diesel car, the service is to be done every 20,000 km, or even 30,000 km in some cases. Note that the age of the car is taken into account. If the first service of a new car is after its two years, it is essential that the following ones are done at least as regularly. It is advisable not to exceed 2 years between each car service.

What is the price of an automobile overhaul?

The price of an overhaul depends on the model and mileage of the car. The larger the car, the higher the maintenance cost. In addition, the price may vary from one region to another. The price of an automobile overhaul depends on the labor, consumables, parts and the quality of the oil used for the change.

The price of the parts to be changed, during a basic overhaul, rarely exceeds 20 euros. As for labor, it is calculated according to a fixed price. The average price of a car service is 240 euros. It takes between 222 and 284 euros for a complete intervention.

What is the preferred payment method?

Payment for the car service must be made by the owner. Choosing the best payment method is an essential step in ensuring the security of the transaction. Conventional means of payment such as credit card and wire transfer can be used. In addition, with the cashier’s check, it is possible to make upstream checks with the bank responsible for its edition to prove that it is not a blank check. Optimal security is thus guaranteed.

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