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People aged 15 and over can now take the wheel, as part of AAC training. What are the conditions for embarking on accompanied driving and what is the price of the training?

Accompanied driving under the responsibility of an individual or an approved instructor is nowadays widely acclaimed thanks to the many advantages that she presents.

  • Above all, it allowseasily gain experience driving and better prepare for the practical tests required to obtain a driving license. The distance to be covered isat least 3,000 km, which is much more advantageous compared to the 20 hours of driving offered during a traditional training. The training sessions take place over a period of at least 1 year. The young driver has the opportunity to face different situations at the wheel.
  • Compared to the classic training provided by driving school instructors, the price is lower.
  • The price of driver’s insurance is cheaper. A reduction of the additional premium of up to 50% is applied during the first year, against 25% for the second year. No additional premium is imposed during the third year, provided that the young driver has not been responsible for any accident.

The conditions to become a guide

Drivers under the age of 18 may only take the wheel in the presence of a approved guide. To be able to fulfill this role, which can be entrusted to a family member or a friend, certain criteria are required:

  • Hold the category of driver’s license that the young driver wishes to obtain, for at least 5 years ;
  • Have no offense to his credit that has resulted in a conviction (hit and run, driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, injury or manslaughter, etc.);
  • Have obtained the agreement and an extension of guarantee from their insurer;
  • Have been present during the last 2-hour driving sequence which marks the end of the initial training provided by the driving school. Its participation must be mentioned in the contract signed with the driving school.

Accompanied driving: how much does it cost?

You have to pay on average 1,100 euros for accompanied driving, against 1,600 euros for traditional training. However, the price varies according to the geographical area. In Île-de-France for example, the price for accompanied driving can go up to 2,000 euros. According to the latest reports, you have to pay 45 euros on average for an additional hour of driving.

Once the training contract has been signed, several payment methods are generally available. Payment by bank transfer is the fastest solution. However, payment by cashier’s check is also to be preferred, as it constitutes a secure and practical means of payment.

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